Friday, August 5, 2011

It's All in the Details

From top left: Rose gold double finger ring: Fancy Sexy Me, Wrap watch: La Mer Collections, Vintage 70s green & yellow face watch ring: Williamsburg Flea, Art deco diamond ring: Xmas gift from 'rents, Metallic sandals: Marc Jacobs, Yellow nail polish: Sally Hansen Insta-dri

Sad day. I'm officially no longer an intern at ELLE. I had such an amazing experience this summer, not to mention the best boss in the world. Oh well, hopefully it's a sign of brighter things to come...

Speaking of brighter things... I wanted to soak up the gorgeous NYC weather today, so I headed to the Sheep Meadow for a bittersweet farewell after leaving the office. Tried to cheer myself up by enjoying the little things– edamame dumplings from the Rickshaw Dumpling Truck, covertly fawning over adorable babies, and laughing as I listened in on the hilarious theatre/movie gossip-y conversation of two young actors.

I was also made happy by my sunny, shiny, sun-shiny accessories and nail polish...nothing like some cute, quirky accents to put a little smile on your face :).

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