Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sample Success: Alexander Wang Edition!

Line at the Alexander Wang sample sale

Let me just start this post by stating that you know you are bat-shit insane a fashion enthusiast when you practically sprint to SoHo the second you get off work in the pouring rain to line up for over an hour and a half not to meet President Obama, not to witness the coming of Christ, but to stuff yourself in a room full of dozens of other people as crazy passionate as you to- wait for it- spend money. Yep. That's how sample sales work...especially when they are for an amazing designer. Like Alexander Wang. And his S/S and Resort 2011 collections. At up to 70% off. Ba-bam!

Alexander Wang Christy Braided Low Sandal

Oh, after all that, you didn't think I walked away empty-handed did you?

Let me tell you something about these shoes: I am in love with them. As in, full-out, having a mad affair, can't take my eyes off, love.

Now, you may be thinking, of course you are...look at that chunky, architectural heel...the beautiful braided straps...the (literally) pillow-like, buttery liner..

But no, the true reason I'm in love with them, my little fashion minions, is because I believe that fate brought us together. You read me– fate.

You see, I was just slipping out of the chaotic crowd of those stripping along the walls next to prop-up mirrors and trying things on when,
thanks to my fashion ninja-like ability to sense the presence of a pair of shoes within a one mile radius, I spotted a black box on the ground. So, I crouched down, a canopy of blouses, dresses, and jackets above me, and opened said box to find a fabulous pair of sandals. In exactly my size. At over 50% off.

And then, I tried them on, and realized that they were insanely comfortable. And just happened to match my outfit (emerald green skinny jeans, over-sized, long black T, big white necklace). And just made me feel like about a bazillion dollars.

I could go on, but I'm going to stop because at this point I sound like I'm from another planet. Point is, I find the shoes. I love the shoes. The shoes are mine. Yippee! And the thing is, I didn't see another pair of shoes out at the sale at all...and I knew something was up when one of the attendants demanded to know where I got them when she spotted me clutching on to them for dear life as I made my way around the rest of the sale. When I told her I found them on the ground and they just happened to be my size, she simply replied, "Weird. Lucky girl."

Lucky, indeed.

So yes, though wet, and tired, and having stood on my feet continuously for nearly four hours factoring in the time it took to check out and then get home tonight– I am a very, very happy lady.

Oh, and I also picked up this soft, dusky rose T by Alexander Wang long-sleeved shirt. You know, just for kicks:

Tell me about your favorite sample scores in the comments!

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