Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Beauty Bit: Holy Brush!

Realized I've been awfully uncreative lately, having just featured two shoe posts in a row, so I thought I'd mix it up with a little beauty buzz.

I came across the FAIRYDROPS "Scandal Queen" mascara today and couldn't help but think of how befitting this product's name is. Who wouldn't be scandalized by THAT BRUSH?! It's re-diculous. I know, you're probably thinking, "Seriously? It's not really that crazy. It's basically a normal brush. Just twisted. With some weird-ass curve in the middle." Yeah, fine. But I just haven't jumped on board the zany brush boat yet, staying loyal to my Benefit "BADgal" for years. (Note: The reason I first bought BADgal was because I didn't want to fork over the 25 bucks for the ever-legendary Dior "DiorShow". You see, I felt- and still feel- that sticking with the $19 BADgal is a triumph of sorts. "Look, I am frugal and not isane because I don't spend over $20 (tax-not-included) on something as silly as mascara!" Yep. Now that's when you know you have some upper-middle class issues).

Anywho... it is claimed that Scandal Queen's "unique brush catches even the tiniest lashes, defines, lengthens, and provides all-day curl." And I'm kind of dying to know if this is true. So tell me, my more beauty-adventurous pals, have you ever tried this or any other mascara with a cray-cray brush? Are they really worth all the hype? If so, I might have to start scraping my wallet for that extra $6 to buy even higher-end tar in a tube...oh well. Who needs dignity anyway?

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