Thursday, July 28, 2011

Jewelry Wins!

Is there anything I love more than jewelry? Yes. And it's called jewelry that's on sale.

Friends, meet the latest additions to my slowly-expanding accessories collection:

Ring: Dara Ettinger

I scored these awesome new pieces at the Urban Outfitters on 72nd & Broadway yesterday. Normally, I don't really buy much jewelry at UO. I've found that they're low- to average-priced pieces tend to turn various parts of my body an unsightly shade of green, while the higher- (well, UO higher-) end pieces that are usually displayed under the glass cases at the check-out counter are often absurdly over-priced. Like, I'm going to pay $100 for tiny earrings that are so cleverly, so ironically, so hipsterly, if you will, shaped like earlobes? I don't think so.

However, I couldn't help but stop at said glass cases when I saw all these tiny red labels screaming, "Oh, hey! We are super cute! And we are on sale! Sale, I tell you!" at me.

And oh, cute they are. The necklace is such an awesome statement piece, and it weighs practically nothing because it's oh-so-artsily made out of paper clips. And the ring is made out of some sort of real stone and is plated in 24K gold, so no green fingers for me!

The cool thing is, both these pieces were designed by two Brooklyn-based artists- Lauren Manoogian and Dara Ettinger, respectively. Take a look at their sites, they both have some amazing stuff. I've especially fallen in love with Manoogian, who A). went to RISD, Brown's neighbor, so I kind of have to like her, and B). has designed some of the boldest, most rad (yes, I just said rad, get over it) necklaces I have ever seen. Mine was part of her Spring 2010 collection, available for view here. I actually found out her stuff is sold in a lot of small, trendy boutiques, like the ever-chic Mick Margo in the West Village, so how it got to UO is beyond me, but I'm glad it did!

And Ettinger's jewelry is really cool, too– all gold-plated with big, natural stones. Unfortunately, if you are of the tiny-fingered variety like me, you might have a hard time buying one of her rings. I tried on all 15 or so they had at UO and the one I bought was the only one that wouldn't slip off my largest ring-wearing finger (right index). I have this problem any time I want to buy rings though (which, let's be honest, is all the time), so I'm used to it.

Anyway, can't wait to style these pieces! I already have ample ideas boiling in my brain, but please give me your suggestions in the comments!


  1. lucky girl those are great looks!!!!

  2. Aw, that ring is gorgeous. Love your blog- want to follow each other? My blog is