Monday, July 25, 2011

UO Does Balenciaga [Well, Sort-Of]

I was trolling Urban Outfitters today when I stumbled upon these new Deena & Ozzy "Treaded Mary Jane" shoes they recently added to their site:

They immediately called to mind the amazing Spring 2011 RTW Balenciaga cut-out boots that were beloved by many a fashionista (and Mary-Kate Olsen) earlier this year:

While the UO shoes are far, far less fabulous, their inspiration does seem clear. Now, while I am staunchly against designer copying, which UO is unfortunately often guilty of, I do think that these are different enough to be something I might consider purchasing, since I love a good cut-out detail in basically anything. After all, runway trends are meant to influence mainstream fashion...they're just not meant to be replicated so closely that they strip designers totally of their artistic merit. Plus, let's be real, I can pay the $49 for the Mary Janes. The $1275 that the Balenciagas cost when they were being sold at Barneys? Not so much.

Below, pictures from the February ELLE (represent!) piece on Nina Dobrev, which feature the boots- those SOLES!!!- prominently. You know, just for kicks (ha!) and to remind us all of how much more glamorous our feet could look...


  1. I love those Balenciaga booties! Ive been seeing them everywhere!

  2. have you seen them in the metallic royal blue???? amaaaazing!