Tuesday, July 26, 2011

OXFORDS [+ a Gratuitous Ramble About Caustic Materialism]

If you know me, you know that I am obsessed with oxfords. As in, they make up a very good portion of the shoes I wear. So, of course I nearly flooded my desk with saliva over these Gucci Ombré leather brogues I saw online today...Seriously, I'm starting to believe that those of us who truly love fashion are more than just a bit masochistic. An [imagined] conversation between two fashionistas:

"So, what did you do today?"

"Oh, you know, I surfed Saks, staring at some Yves Saint Laurent Tributes until my tears started turning into blood..."

"That's great! I actually wandered around Bergdorf's and began unconsciously wrapping the strap of the updated Rocco around my neck when I saw the price tag."

I mean...WTF. It is twisted, isn't it? I sometimes curse myself when I reflect upon how much material-, consumer-, and lots of other -isms have me in their grimy grips...but this is generally at work, where I inevitably see an editor walk by carrying a Birkin and subsequently run to the bathroom to weep with jealousy. My head: "It's just a bag, it's just a bag, it's value is completely constructed. But, but, but...I want it!!!! Wahhhhhhhh!"

To keep from completely feeling like a materialistic buffoon, I do try to look on the bright side: Hey, at least I know I'm crazy...At least I examine the issues of craving such lavish items... At least I question the societal conditioning and bullshit advertising that make me want them...

But I still want them. And, look! I have approximately $4 in coins on my desk. Hello, savings account. Gucci brogues- watch out.


  1. agreed. troll ebay for the things you want! these are indeed gorgeous shoes.

    x. jill

  2. i know...what other option do i have, right?

    thanks for the blog love, jill!