Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Glammy Pannies

I found these Victoria’s Secret Lacie hip huggers that I purchased earlier this summer and subsequently forgot about buried in my underwear drawer the other day. Normally, I’m not one to gab about my intimates online, but I feel like this is one particularly posh pair of panties. Why? Because they remind me of Emilio Pucci:

The abstract, geometric print and neon yellow, blue, and white colors definitely seem to evoke the Pucci flair. And, how timely that I’d find them now, when featured this great post about the August Vogue Hellas and Vogue Portugal covers today- both featuring a gorgeous Karmen Pedaru, some awesomely aquamarine Pucci, and yellow/white cover lines. Now, all I need is a pair of bright, tailored pants from the fashion house’s 2012 Resort collection to cover my Pucci-esque derrière and I'll be all set.

Photo Credits: Perfume-, Scarf-

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