Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Nail Time

Obviously, the title for this post is completely creative and original and not inspired by what used to be my favorite part of Blue’s Clues. Though I have a difficult time keeping up my nails when I’m at college, I tend to get a bit obsessive about them during the summer. And, with all the bold, bright hues and prints that were on the S/S runways this year (I’m looking at you, Prada!!!), how could I not want to make full use of every glam-able bit of my body and go a little nail nutty?

However, given my horrendous indecisiveness, one of the things I often struggle with is picking a damn color. On top of that, I find that, if I don’t take the time to get a professional manicure, I often paint my nails last-minute at night and end up going to sleep before they’re fully dry and waking up with really sexy pillow case indentations in my polish.

So, I was super excited to try out these fun, funky “Collide-o-Scope” Sally Hansen nail polish strips that I saw at Duane Reade. Multicolored so I don’t have to worry about choosing just one hue? Check. Smooth and already dry so I can avoid cursing at the lines and marks I usually wake up with in the morning? Check. Though, at $10 a set, they’re at least $2 pricier than a quality Essie or OPI polish that’s reusable and will last for years, they do promise to last at least 10 days and are quick and easy to apply– perfect for getting ready for an event or if you’re just polish-challenged like me.

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