Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Crushed Qream Dream

The NY Public Library all lit up for Qream

Though it has been hot enough in NYC to pass out lately, I have managed to fall under the weather in the other sense: I'm sick. Sneezing, sniffling, snotting, sick. I blame it on constantly switching back and forth between the frigid Time & Life building and the inferno-like streets of the City.

Yes, yes, my tiny violin has splintered into pieces now. Point is, I wasn't really feeling up to doing much of anything today. However, I was nevertheless excited to attend a launch party at the NY Public Library for Pharrell Williams' "Qream". What the hell is "Qream" you ask?

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Qream:

It's Pharrell's new liquor for women. The name alludes to his belief that all women are queens ("Queen," "Qream," get it?) and it is meant to be a fabulous, low-calorie fix for their sweet, alcoholic cravings. It comes in two flavors, strawberries and peach (wow, he really got creative, didn't he?), and a curvy glass bottle topped with a gold gem.

I'll be real here, I've got 99+ problems with the product. But, I still wanted to attend the event. I mean, it's Pharrell– music producer extraordinaire and creator of this song, which I was not ridiculously obsessed with in 7th grade. So, I grabbed my suitemate Shaun and we headed to midtown, arriving around an hour after the event was supposed to start at 8:30.

Unfortunately, by the time got there, the party was "at capacity" and the only people who were allowed in were those who were "VIP and/or walking the Red Carpet". Sadly, though my name was on the list (a perk of my internship)and though I am pretty much the most kick-ass person alive, I was considered neither, and thus neither was Shaun. I've got to admit, I was a little disappointed. I wanted to drink saccharine, gender-normative liquor, damnit! And I also wanted to meet Jay-Z and Swizz Beatz, who were apparently there. Oh well, at least we did sneak a peak of Russell Simmons as he walked in. And we looked damn cute doing it:

Top: Charlotte Ronson; Belt: Vine & Thistle; Skirt: Kimberly Ovitz; Nude wedges: Lucky Brand; Bag: Michael by Michael Kors

Dress: Kimchi Blue; Blazer: Kimchi Blue; Belt: Kimchi Blue; Shoes: Rachel Comey "Bait" boot; Bag: Rebecca Minkoff; Watch: La Mer Collections

So there. Now I'm going to go back to blowing my nose in toilet paper because I'm too tired to buy tissues and watching Parks and Rec. Boo ya.

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